Nepotism Policy

We understand nepotism as favoritism granted to relatives and friends. We intend to avoid nepotism in the operation of the library and in carrying out the duties of the board. Generally, it may be enough to view nepotism as a special of case of conflict of interest. As such, conflicts of interest will be pointed out as they become identified and the person or persons with the conflict will avoid influencing the outcome of a relevant decision.

On occasion, a relative or friend of the library manager, director, or a board member may be asked to fill a paying position without publicly posting the job. This is acceptable only on a temporary basis or while a broader employee search is undertaken. With respectful attention to the possibilities of conflicted interest that temporary employee could be chosen to be the permanent employee by participating in the search and selection process.

Contract work falls under the same guidelines and the same attention to potential conflicts of interest will be observed by the board and by library employees.