Library In Motion Policy

Your Library in Motion is specifically intended to expand the services of the library to reach anyone in the service area who cannot easily come in person. The service will be offered and maintained only to the extent that volunteers are available to make deliveries. The Library Manager and the Board of Trustees retain the discretion to deny or terminate the service to any individual.

  • Service area

The Your Library in Motion service area is the Village of Valley Falls and the Town of Pittstown.

  • Eligibility

Your Library in Motion is for everyone in the service area who cannot get to or into the building. Examples of persons for whom the system is designed include those with short or long term mobility problems, those without regular transportation, those home-bound with debilitating health issues and those providing full-time care for a child, parent or other family member.

  • Selection of material

Patrons can select material of interest through the telephone, over the internet or via a volunteer delivery person. All books, magazines, movies and other materials the library has available for circulation, including items available through the Upper Hudson Library System, can be accessed through Your Library in Motion.

  • Loan period, fines and fees

All the usual fines, fees and expectations of patron responsibility will apply to materials

distributed through Your Library in Motion. All our usual limits on the number of items and the length of time they may circulate will apply unless special arrangements are made with the staff.

  • Delivery arrangements

Typically the library will call to notify patrons that a volunteer delivery person is available and confirm delivery expectations. Patrons are responsible for ensuring safe conditions for the volunteer to enter the home and reasonable accommodation for the volunteer while in the home. Materials to be returned to the library should be ready for the volunteer to take back.

  • Volunteers

Volunteer delivery persons for Your Library in Motion are to be totally discreet.  Delivery persons will not share information on library materials delivered or observations made in patrons’ homes with others.