Computer and Internet Use Policy

As part of Valley Falls Free Library’s mission to meet the information needs of its patrons, the library offers free public access to the Internet. However, some websites may contain inaccurate, controversial, and even offensive material. The library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be responsible for its accuracy, authenticity or suitability of content.

  • Supervision:

-Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the computer and Internet. Any restrictions of a child’s access are the responsibility of the parent/guardian, not the library staff.

  • Computer restrictions:

-Patrons are asked not to view pornography, extreme violence, hateful material, or any content typically perceived as offensive on library computers. Though the library staff does not monitor personal internet usage, the staff person in charge reserves the right to respond to a complaint by another patron, or to take initiative to investigate suspicious activity. There is no expectation of privacy when using library computers, as they are the property of the Valley Falls Free Library.  Any user viewing content unfit for the library is subject to the loss of computer privileges.

-Patrons must wear headphones when listening to music, and they must keep music at a reasonable volume as not to disturb others.

-Patrons may not load software onto library computers.

-Patrons may not save files to library computers—USB drives are for sale at the Circulation Desk for your convenience.

  • Reservations/time limits:

-Currently no reservations are needed to use library computers, but patrons are asked to be considerate of the needs of others. If any patron has been at a computer station for more than 30 minutes, they are expected to defer to any patron waiting to use a computer. The library staff on duty has the discretionary authority to end or extend any patron’s use of a library computer.

 Circumventing, undermining, damaging and/or destroying the functionality, security and controls of the computers and Internet services by engaging in activities that include, but are not limited to: connecting unapproved devices to the Valley Falls Library’s network or telephone lines, modifying standard software codes or images, propagating viruses or malicious code, hacking and providing remote access to Valley Falls Free Library’s Internet services for use by outside entities will result in loss of privileges. When appropriate, violations may also be referred for appropriate parental interaction and/or civil or criminal prosecution.