Staff Policy

-Staff must provide the highest level of service to all patrons using appropriate resources and accurate, unbiased and courteous responses to all requests.

– Staff members will not pass any information, tell, or make any personal judgment on or about any library user. 

-Staff may not discuss or reveal confidential library information to anyone, under any circumstances, except within the scope of his/her duties. Patron accounts may not be accessed except for working with the patron who is present or who is on the telephone. No list of patrons, either with card numbers or without card numbers, may be kept for any reason.

– Staff members are to treat their fellow staff members with the same professionalism, courtesy, and friendly manner as we expect to be given to library users. Personal or personnel issues are not to be discussed in the presence of patrons. Staff members will not pass any information, or make or repeat any personal judgment on or about any library user. 

– Negative comments about the Library, library patrons or fellow staff members will not be tolerated. Issues that a staff member may have are to be discussed first with his or her supervisor, then brought to the attention of a Board member, if necessary. 

– Staff must distinguish between personal convictions and professional duties and must not allow personal beliefs to interfere with fair representation of the library’s mission or the impartial provision of access to the library’s information resources.

-No personal information about other staff may be furnished to non-library persons.

Staff Early Closing Policy

When members of the library staff accept responsibility for a period of desk duty, even though the library opening may be delayed or early closing become necessary due to weather conditions or other emergencies, they should be paid for the full time they are scheduled to work. This policy may not apply if notice of the unscheduled closing is given 24 hours or more in advance.