Patron Policy

-Valley Falls Free Library serves all members of the local community, and seeks to meet each individual’s needs to the best of its ability regardless of a person’s age, physical condition, race, sex, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation, social or economic status.

-To protect the rights and safety of our patrons and staff, the Library holds its patrons to reasonable standards regarding personal conduct. No library patron shall insult, intimidate, injure or otherwise harm (physically or psychologically) any other patron or staff member. Behavior unfit for the library will be determined by library staff, and consequences will be levied by either the staff or law enforcement as circumstance dictates.

-As members of Valley Falls Free Library, our patrons agree to treat books, CD’s, DVD’s and other inventory with care and consideration. To protect our inventory and ensure quality goods for all patrons, each patron must be accountable to the library for late, lost or damaged goods. Anyone deemed to have lost a library item will be accountable for the full cost of replacing the item. Anyone deemed to have damaged a library item to such a degree that it no longer meets circulation standards will also be accountable for the full cost of replacing the item.

-Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult unless a prior arrangement has been made with library staff.

*See Computer and Internet Use Policy for rules governing public computer use.