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Our  GoPro Hero4 Session Kit includes the following items: floating hand grip with wrist strap, camera, tool, wall charger, wireless remote, charging cable w/ key, (2) USB/mini USB adapters, remote key, SD card adapter, chest harness, headstrap, GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount, and KamKit case.

The GoPro Kit cannot be renewed. The kit is available for use for one week to Valley Falls adult patrons with a valid library card, and in good standing with the library. Damaged/Lost items will be the responsibility of the patron who checked out the kit.

Item pricing:

GoPro Hero Session:  $199.99
GoPro remote:  $64.50
Headstrap:  $7.49
Float with wriststrap:  $2.48
Chest Harness:  $12.99
GoPro Wall Charger with Adapters:  $24.99
KamKit Carrying case:  $27.99
GoPro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole Mount:  $12.99
GoPro Tool:  $4.99
SanDisk MicroSD 32GB with Adapter: $15.10

For additional information on using the GoPro:

Quick Start Guide

Go Pro User Manual

Sprint R910 Mobile Hotspot

See the source image

What is a Hotspot?
A hotspot, or more exactly a mobile hotspot, is a small portable device about the size of a deck of cards that provides wireless Internet access to your personal electronic device (a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

The Franklin Wi-Fi Hot Spot (FWF HS) unit generally circulates like a book, magazine or puzzle. So, normally the patron will have use of it for a 14-day period.

Where can I check out the Library Hotspot?

We anticipate the demand for the FWF HS will be high, especially at certain times of the school year. Therefore some special concerns apply.

The Library Hotspot may be physically checked out from the Valley Falls Free Library Circulation desk. The hotspot cannot be reserved online. You may call the library (518-753-4230) to request it, but it is first come, first served.

Who can borrow a Library Hotspot?
Valley Falls Free Library and local cardholders in good standing with a current local address may borrow the Library Hotspot.  Cardholders must not owe more than $15 on their library account.

How long can I keep it?
The Library Hotspot can be checked out for two weeks.  They may be renewed if there are no holds on it. Please contact the library to find out if the hotspot has been reserved.

How do I return it?
The Library Hotspot must be returned directly to the circulation desk.  You must return the device with all the packaging and accessories.

What is the cost?
Library Hotspots are FREE to check out.

A late fine will be $1 a day for 5 days. On day 6, patrons will be charged $120, the library’s cost, for a lost unit or for one damaged beyond normal usability.  A $20 fee will be charged for a missing cord and plug.

Can I use the Library HotSpot anywhere?
The Library Hotspot connects to the Internet anywhere Sprint has service.  The FWF HS uses 3G/4G wireless service, which does not uniformly cover our service area, so the unit should be tested in the patron’s location within 24 hours of being checked out.  If it cannot connect with the Internet, the unit should be returned promptly so others may borrow it.

They do not work outside of the United States.

Can I connect multiple devices to the Library HotSpot?
You can connect up to 5 devices on the Library HotSpot Main WiFi name.

How do I use the HotSpot?
You should have received a Quick Start Guide with the HotSpot.  Here they are in PDF form.