Speech Class Proposal

Do you panic at the thought of public speaking? Then we have a proposition for you!

How about a once or twice a week student speech class of short 2-3 minute speeches and brief lectures by “Mr. Ed” (the horse, of course) in the Community Building at your preferred day and time?

It is guaranteed that you will learn to communicate better. Remember, Mr. Ed likes to have fun, and we hope you do, too!

Mr. Ed Nelson has a Life License in Speech and English, and has taught speech for over 20 years. He developed a speech-debate program in a small high school in 4 years, which ranked in the top 5 of 56 participating high schools in Indiana, so he knows how to do it, and will show you how, too!

If you are interested, please contact the library with preferred days and times that work for you. Any questions can be directly to Mr. Ed at 765-366-5032.