Rensselaer County Libraries Collaborate to Host a Library Corner at the Schaghticoke Fair


The past few years the Valley Falls Free Library has held a Library Corner at the annual Schaghticoke Fair. Once again the Library Corner will be up and running during this year’s 2016 Schaghticoke fair season. This year, we have something extra special planned! Through collaboration between several Rensselaer County libraries, we were successful in organizing a schedule for the library corner that expanded it to other libraries in the county. This year, the library corner will  include the many libraries in the area. These libraries offer residents the opportunity to learn not only through books and reading but also through activities, events, workshops, and displays for adults as well as children.

The library corner will be housed in the Arts and Crafts Building. The libraries in attendance will take turns covering the library corner which will be open Thursday-Monday from 12pm-3pm. Visitors are encouraged to stop by to hear a story, participate in arts and craft projects or just to learn a little bit about what these local libraries have to offer! The libraries in attendance will be:

Valley Falls

Hoosick Falls

East Greenbush

Sand Lake






42 State Street, Box 296 Valley Falls, New York 12185-0296